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Google Play Music comes to an end News

 Google Play Music comes to an end News

Google Play Music, the famous music streaming app catering to the music needs of many users, has finally reached the end of its life. Google confirmed the same back in August and it is happening now.

Google Play Music has become inaccessible in many areas, where the Play Music webpage now states, 'Google Play Music is no longer available. You can transfer your account and library including playlists and uploads for a limited time '.

The replacement service here is YouTube Music which co-existed with Play Music for a few years. Google has now decided to develop only one service in the future which is clearly YT Music.


Some users may still have access to Play Music, but it should not last very long. Another workaround reported by Android Police to keep the Play Music app running is to uninstall updates and switch to older versions. But this workaround should also stop working soon.


Many users are unhappy with the move to Play Music because some people think that YouTube Music is still not ready as a replacement, but Google thinks otherwise.

You want to see options like Spotify as soon as the play music comes to an end. Song, JioSaavn, and of course YouTube Music.

Where Play Music was a paid subscription, YouTube Music is also a paid subscription included under the YouTube Premium Subscription. You can buy a YouTube Premium membership for Rs 99 for a month for a single user, for Rs 149 for a month so that you can share the plan with 6 family members. YouTube is also offering one month free trial with YouTube Music.

You can also try Amazon Music service which is included under Prime Membership from Amazon.

Not all of the mentioned services are subscribed, including JioSaavn, Gaana, Wynk and Spotify, as they all offer free music streaming but with advertising. With paid subscriptions, you can remove ads, add downloading functionality, and stream music at high quality with free subscriptions. All apps have a great collection of music.

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