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Mukesh Ambani Biography life story India

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Welcome to my blog mukesh ambani biography in hindi India's richest person;Richest person in Asia;Only Indian in top 10 world's richest people list; The chairman and MD of India's most valuable company, Reliance Industry Ltd The founder of Jio; Mukesh Ambani. In this video, we are gonna talk about the little known facts about Ambani and about his business, wealth, interest, habits etc etc. With no further delay, let's get into the video. Mukesh Ambani was born on April 19th 1957 in a western Asian country called Yemen and lived there for a while. Moved to Mumbai he was living in a 2bhk house with his family and led a normal middle class life of using a public transport for travel and was not even given a pocket money by his father.

While he was pursuing his MBA in Standford university, California , his father had started business in Mumbai and wanted his son to support him and so ambani had to quit his college degree and come and join mukesh ambani biography pdf with his father for carrying on business. mukesh ambani biography book Everyone has a dream of owning a house, desires to live in a luxurious house; Ambani is not an exception to that. With this dream in his mind, he has built the world's biggest private residence in South Mumbai, in the year 2010, spending 2 billion dollars and name his home 'Antilia' taken from the name of the island in Atlantic Ocean

It has 9 elevatorsin it can bear 8 Richter scale earthquake . In order to avoid the traffic in Mumbai city, they have 3 helipads on the roof of their Antilia building . mukesh ambani biography in english Whatever you find in a luxury hotel, you could see in Ambani's house starting from gym, 3 swimming pools, place for yoga, dance studio, health spa, salloon to ice-cream parlour, 50 seat movie theatre, garden, guest room, snow room . 600 staff are on board to maintain this grand grand house. they have a place for securities and bodyguards to get relaxed too.

Ambani's Reliance Industry limited owns the world's largest oil refinery  in Jamnagar, Gujarat . Reliance Industry ltd contributes 5% of tax revenue to our country . That is if all people in India contribute 100 Rs to country's GDP, 5 Rs come from Ambani's owned company alone . Wonder how much they earn! He had 27.5 billion dollars with him in 2010. Now in 2020 he has net worth 79.5 dollars. IT company Wipro's Chairman Azim Premji is India's 2nd richest person and Ambani is 4 times richer than him . When economic growth dipped in 2019, many rich started losing money.

Automobile and Consumer good industry were under loss . But our Ambani, during those period, earned 16.4 billion dollars from Jio. In 2019 , 4.5 million dollars were added to his bank account every day. Ambani's love for car is just incredible. He dedicates first 6 floors of his home to park all his cars It has space to park 168 cars and even has car service station in the 7th floor of Antilia building. One of the cars he has is BMW 760 Li worth 8.5 crore. What's so special about this car is it has bullet proof coating and can even survive the bomb blast . Every door in this car weigh 150kgs. Our PM Modi uses this car . Looking at Ambani's some rare car collection,  we can say that he just likes cars a lot.

During his school days, he loved to play hockey. He says that he had lost interest in academics beacause of his interest towards hockey . Many people's fav ipl team and 4times ipl champion Mumbai Indians is owned by Ambani. His wife had started ISL, a famous football League. Therefore Ambani is being the 2nd richest sports business owner in world. On 27th Dec 2015, Ambani introduced Jio to his partners and company employees to use it to test how it works and if it achieves customer satisfaction. And then he launched jio to public on 5th sep 2016

Jio was doing great business that its competitors like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea got scared seeing Jio grow . Since Jio gave SIM free and internet at lower cost, many people started using Jio and its competitors reduced their data price in order to retain its customers. Within 83 days of launch, Jio got 50 million subscribers and as on 31st dec 2019, they had 387.5 million subscribers.   They are now leading telecommunication operator in India . The reason behind Ambani becoming more wealthier day by day even in this corona time when all other business is down is that he has seen profits through Jio products Ambani is a teatotaler and never consumed alcohol in his life

He is a pure vegetarian by food habits. Likes to eat chappathi rice dhal. He doesn't mind eating at a road side shop if the food is tasty . Ambani is basically a shy person and gets nervous when it comes to public speaking. He does not wear branded shirts, usually likes to wear a simple white shirt with black pant . He is a movie lover and doesn't fail to watch atleast 3 movies a wee. He says family is utmost important to him and likes to spend time with family on sundays in spite of his busy schedules.

Ambani's friends had never seen him shouting in an anger or behaving rudely. He goes to his office at noon and works till midnight. We hope we have let you know some little known interesting things about Ambani . If u like our videos, pass it on to your friends . Comments and suggestions on the video are welcomed. And subscribe our channel to watch videos to come. We will meet in our next video until then bye from Manoj from Sema 7.

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